Vetoed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Vetoed:

But all his attempts to cross that tongue of flooring had been vetoed by the guards.

But Charley who had recovered her self control, vetoed this idea at once.

A first bill, however, fell short of the President's desires and was vetoed.

Bonus Bill, advocated by Calhoun, 257;vetoed by Madison, 257.

So far he had not vetoed any measures sent to him for his signature.

In 1832 Jackson vetoed the bill to renew the charter of the bank.

Johnson vetoed it, and it was carried by both Houses over his veto.

Arthur vetoed it as unreasonable and unconstitutional in August, 1882.

Thus amended, the House concurred in the act, which Hayes vetoed in February, 1878.

His idea of engaging a maid or chaperon for the trip she had vetoed promptly.