Vexations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vexations:

Silence was painful to me, and reply only accumulated difficulty and vexation.

"I believe the Evil One is in the box," said he, with some vexation.

At this accident Jason could not help uttering a cry of vexation.

The man must have been a detestable hypocrite, I think, had he not shown his vexation.

The plural vexed Temple, and he told himself how unreasonable the vexation was.

He raised his arms to heaven, he was stifling with envy and vexation.

But seriously, my dear L——, I am not sorry that you are in a course of vexation.

She threw aside the letter with a gesture of vexation, and opened the next.

I felt almost maddened with this disappointment and vexation.

"We shall have to pass the night here," he said, vexation in his tone.