Vexatious [adjective]

Definition of Vexatious:

distressing, bothersome

Synonyms of Vexatious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vexatious:

Sentence/Example of Vexatious:

At last the vexatious work was finished, and he was free again.

I was still wrestling with this vexatious question when I came to my mother's house.

It is too long to write—and too vexatious” (this word was half erased), “troublesome.

It's vexatious, when one has the wherewithal to pay for wetting his whistle!

To Wellington this was perhaps the most vexatious of all things in that vexatious time.

I suppose it is vexatious to him to be kept out of his money.

Of course, one must always pay the price, usually a vexatious one.

As he is the weaker, the Vole is obliged to submit to this vexatious tax.

We are quoted as a vexatious question, and the eyes of the world are upon us.

This thing had happened before, causing a vexatious break in his routine.