Vexing [verb]

Definition of Vexing:

distress, bother

Synonyms of Vexing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vexing:

Sentence/Example of Vexing:

It was vexing to be boxed on the ears for a boy whom she had never looked in the face!

On the other hand, there would be some vexing formalities to go through.

“O war chief, I think I will do that, if they speak of vexing me,” he said.

It was vexing his having moved round the corner, into North Street.

Also, the subject of vocal registers is as vexing to-day as ever.

Vexing questions have arisen as to how the deaconess should be set apart to her work.

Our geese are nearly all right, and our ducks are good, but our swans are so vexing!

Do not be afraid of vexing me: do say what is in your mind,' said the old lady.

Anger and loss cause you to turn away from the dark and vexing things.

The vexing thing about it is, that it does not mind being blamed.