Vial [noun]

Definition of Vial:


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Sentence/Example of Vial:

And he showed the vial, which he had brought down in his enthusiasm.

Almost everyone has tried to dissolve some substance in water in a vial.

It was something formidable and swift, like the sudden smashing of a vial of wrath.

I barely tasted the pellet, and replaced it carefully in the vial.

I ran back and reached the vial, tugged at its huge stopper.

You must uncork that vial and fling the contents into his face.

Then one of the students took a vial of chloroform from his pocket.

It was too late, the one vial was empty, and the professor's body lay lifeless.

But on the head of his betrothed he poured out the vial of his wrath.

He corked the vial, replaced it in his pocket and opened a window.