Vibrato [noun]

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If there was a trace of vibrato in her voice only Courtlandt noticed it.

Of course, some decry the vibrato—but the reason is often because the vibrato is too slow.

There seems to be considerable confusion among singers and even writers as to the use and meaning of tremolo and vibrato.

He asserts also that vibrato is a trick invented after that day and out of place in the music of that period.

The natural law with respect to the variety in vibrato effects may be given as follows.

A good effect is produced in a sostenuto theme by commencing the vibrato slowly on a crescendo note.

Old Glynn he knew how to make that instrument talk, the vibrato: fifty pounds a year they say he had in Gardiner street.

At the same time the vibrato used to excess is quite as bad as an excessive tremulando in the voice.

There must be an inner, emotional instinct, an electric spark within the player himself that sets the vibrato current in motion.

The finger of the violinist vibrates on the string by rocking rapidly back and forth and the vibrato is the result.