Vicegerent [noun]

Definition of Vicegerent:

head of catholic church

Synonyms of Vicegerent:

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Sentence/Example of Vicegerent:

Gentlemen, the King is the vicegerent of God, and has no superior.

Mark, O assembled people, the infinite mercy of the Vicegerent of Allah!

He demanded of his Vicegerent what remedy he had to suggest, and Cromwell had none.

He brought with him a vicario, or vicegerent, and a doctor of laws.

The bishop is regarded by the Catholics as the Vicegerent of Heaven.

The Pope became to them the vicegerent of the great Power which they adored.

But, though the Prince might be dead, had he not left a vicegerent behind him?

He professed to be gentle and innocent as a lamb,—to be the vicegerent of the "Lamb of God."

You are not God's vicegerent; you are another's than his, I think!

A king in the seventeenth century was supposed to be the vicegerent of the Deity.