Viceroys [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Viceroys:

"I don't know," the Viceroy said shortly, working the gag out of his mouth.

The Viceroy turned suddenly, stared at them, fingering his tube.

"It is too late for bargains now," the Viceroy shrugged indifferently.

The Viceroy was stealthily reaching for the sun-tube dangling from his belt.

For all his bulk, the Viceroy wheeled on his flank, raised his weapon.

The Viceroy, constrained to enlarge him, allotted the town for his place of confinement.

If you become my deputy and viceroy for all your nation, you shall rule as you will.

The Viceroy's arm was long, but they could have found a haven where they could have been together.

Knowing his daughter's love, the Viceroy had also trusted him.

"Your Excellency," continued the old man, turning to the Viceroy.