Vices [noun]

Definition of Vices:

bad habit; sin

Opposite/Antonyms of Vices:

Sentence/Example of Vices:

The pirates were bad enough, but they didn't have all the vices of the present day.

Garson, despite his two great virtues, had the vices of his class.

The vices of the Christians of Palestine brought their punishment.

There was certainly about this man a fatal charm which concealed his vices.

How many have been made great, as the word is, by their vices!

It was social inequality which gave rise to sexual vices as to all the other vices.

Pompanita the Good has all the virtues of a good cat, and absolutely no vices.

The nobles form a class by themselves, indulging in all sorts of vices.'

The vices again flourish which had been nailed to the Cross.

Inversely, we may say that many diseases, especially of the brain, are the source of vices.