Viciously [adverb]

Definition of Viciously:


Synonyms of Viciously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Viciously:


Sentence/Example of Viciously:

I wouldn't,' said Miggs viciously, 'no, not for five-and-forty pound!'

He caught me viciously by the arm and looked sharply into my face.

I caught her viciously by the wrist, and with my face close up to hers "Folle!"

"That blow has killed Florimond de Condillac," he told her viciously.

“If not, he should learn,” said the chamois hunter, viciously.

As soon as he stood up he kicked at them viciously, but without effect.

Roger started after them, hot foot, swearing viciously as he ran.

It was viciously snapping its jaws and twitching its thick head from side to side.

"I wish I had the extinguishing of him," says Molly, viciously.

The wind had a hatchet edge that pierced his clothes and hacked him viciously.