Vicissitudes [noun]

Definition of Vicissitudes:


Opposite/Antonyms of Vicissitudes:

Sentence/Example of Vicissitudes:

Both will afford me encouragement and support in the vicissitudes which yet await me.

The following cheap and valuable composition will preserve all sorts of wood work exposed to the vicissitudes of the weather.

These laws have had their vicissitudes, and are not yet free from complications.

The European governments have undergone the vicissitudes of fortune.

Since then my life has been passed in all the vicissitudes of war and peace.

The vicissitudes of history had directly affected the welfare of wild animals.

There are vicissitudes which should be faced together by those who love.

The institution has outlived all the vicissitudes of the Middle Ages.

The vicissitudes of the mausoleum did not end with this change of religion and ownership.

The vicissitudes of twenty-four hours were indeed wonderful.