Victims [noun]

Definition of Victims:

someone or something sacrificed, preyed upon

Synonyms of Victims:

Opposite/Antonyms of Victims:

Sentence/Example of Victims:

Victims were sacrificed, and the omens declared not unpropitious.

They are victims of their elders' folly, of our carelessness as to their environment.

Bores who had travelled inflicted advice on victims who had not.

I was in a hurry to leave the store, the home of these two victims of civilisation.

The two stand in the fast-thinning throng of victims, but they speak as if they were alone.

I have heard you preach patience and courage to your victims.

The captain himself was one of the victims to the "movement."

Many had already been the victims of his seducing arts; were they to blame?

Rich or poor, each of the victims chosen by lot must meet his fate.

Stunned by the tragedy, none of the victims had made much of an outcry.