Vid [noun]

Definition of Vid:

visual and audio entertainment transmitted via radio waves

Synonyms of Vid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vid:


Sentence/Example of Vid:

Vere is the pretty Maria to go then, vid her silks and her satins, her kegs and her cases'?

Tell is vid the carpenter axe, Hedwig vid a domestig labour occupied.

I am here assuming that the Magyars are not of the Turkish stock; vid.

As a specimen of the rhetorical style in which the work is written, vid.

What was the condition of Is´ra-el when Da´vid came to the throne?

If Da´vid had been on the throne that day an empire might have been saved.

But now she's notin' but jus' Beesving, vid her head full of skippin' aroun'.

Vid its handle for stiffness, den de soft tail vill go eferyvere and nefer break.

Uf dot poy tries any funny pusiness, he vill be deat, vid der accent on der deat.

Dat vas vat I call comin' in lifely, vid der accent on der lifely!