Video [adjective]

Definition of Video:

related to the televised image

Synonyms of Video:

Opposite/Antonyms of Video:


Sentence/Example of Video:

Despite the agony, his gaze did not waver from the video set across the room.

Now Neon is better at real soccer than he is at video game soccer.

The new generation is more proficient in video games than in orthography.

This book is also available in video format and as a computer game.

I keyed for a video check of the interior of the lift as it started back up.

No snapshot can approximate a video sequence where humans are concerned.

With fingers that were icy cold, Case Damon flicked on the video.

He turned away from the video, and swung his gun around at Burnine.

And Sam Chipfellow's will pushed all else off the video screens and the front pages.

Public Information is taking care of the video and radio information.