Vie [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Vie:

Lady Vargrave seemed to vie with Evelyn which should love him the most.

Some vie to set slips and twine them, which sometimes, but seldome thriue all.

They began to writhe about his limbs, but drew no sound to vie with their crackling.

People seemed to vie with each other in giving away their property.

The fish seemed to vie with one another in falling upon the bait.

Teach us that to vie is not to rival, and to imitate not to invent.

No other mountain region in the world can vie with it in awe-inspiring beauty.

He and his colleagues had no salon which could vie with those of the Whig grandees.

The tories appeared to vie with and even to surpass the savages in barbarity.

Each will vie with the other for the laurels in case of a fight.