Viewer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Viewer:

As long as there is plenty of flimflam to distract the viewer.

Tulan's viewer gave a vivid picture of the receding fifth planet.

Donna scanned the observation record, then adjusted the viewer.

Had not the viewer prevented him, he would have made the attempt and perished.

Viewer's dropping the group now, so there's just one more I'd like you to notice.

Quillan looked around the viewer equipment he and Gaya were dismantling.

He turned, took two steps, and sat down fast before the viewer.

The world below them became half of a sphere that filled the viewer.

This mirror was called itlachia, that is to say, the 'looker-on,' the 'viewer.'

Ashby shook his head slowly in wonder and pointed to the image in the viewer.