Viewing [verb]

Definition of Viewing:

look at

Synonyms of Viewing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Viewing:

Sentence/Example of Viewing:

We have been viewing the youth from the standpoint of his fellow-students.

They were all waiting and viewing each other gravely as they waited.

This may be a good solution, viewing the problem as a conundrum: but it is not scientific.

That way of viewing and judging of the matter will be very suitable.

We see the advantage of viewing in the concrete what mankind regard only in the abstract.

Lambert asked, viewing this outburst of feeling in surprise.

There was more than a little satisfaction to be gained in viewing himself in that light.

Wadakimba, viewing all this from afar, had scuttled off to his hut.

John blamed Brennan's cynicism for preventing him from viewing Gibson as he did.

Each was viewing the other from such an altered point that neither spoke.