Views [noun]

Definition of Views:

something that is seen

Synonyms of Views:

Opposite/Antonyms of Views:

Sentence/Example of Views:

It is a spirit contracted in its views, selfish in its objects.

Such a change of views was not the sudden impulse of an hour.

And whatever our views of its cause, we can agree that children at risk are not at fault.

Because we of to-day are more restless it does not follow that our views should be truer.

On her arrival at Canton, I told the captain my views, and he allowed me to go.

Her brother and sister is high in their views, and against Our John.

Her father is all for himself in his views and against sharing her with any one.

Sir, you have urged discussion:--give us then your views of that passage.

He merely modified that system to suit his views of good among his people.

Your path of duty may not be mine, but you see I respect your views and love you.