Vigil [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vigil:

He cleared the room, and took up his vigil outside the door.

Despite all the fatigue of that terrible night of vigil, he did not think of sleeping.

Of everything else—the vigil, the preparations, the funeral—he remembered nothing.

Dan waked him at twelve for his vigil, and he in turn was wakened at two.

He was not in the least sleepy; but after a while the vigil began to tell upon his nerves.

Then, in the latter part of his vigil, an odd thing happened.

With better courage than will, he consented to share their vigil.

During the long night he kept the vigil by the bedside; long after any need to keep it.

It was the vigil of the day sacred to the memory of the saint, May 29, 1453.

He found he had not thought nearly all of them in his afternoon vigil.