Vigilance [noun]

Definition of Vigilance:


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Sentence/Example of Vigilance:

The vigilance and activity of Nicias never relaxed for a moment.

And her care for the old man was beautiful in its minuteness, its vigilance.

And yet the only magic has been her vigilance, her courage, her sagacity.

He was glad of this, for their vigilance had relaxed, and he did not want it renewed.

But for the vigilance of Mr. Sharp, indeed, we might have all been captured in our sleep.

There must be redoubled precautions and vigilance never for a moment relaxed.

The vigilance of Sam had detected him, in time to thwart his purpose.

But the non-arrival of the foe caused a relaxation of vigilance.

A boat had escaped, in spite of the vigilance which had closed the ports.

And a Committee of Vigilance would be appointed to ensure its effectual working.