Vigilant [adjective]

Definition of Vigilant:

careful, watchful

Opposite/Antonyms of Vigilant:

Sentence/Example of Vigilant:

Robert's suspicions were lulled to sleep, and he ceased to be as vigilant and watchful as he had been.

But these are not the only points to which you look for vigilant watchfulness.

Do you watch over their conduct with a vigilant and paternal eye?

But the wary and vigilant leader of the Hurons was not so easily disconcerted.

The police, too, were set at work,—the vigilant police of Paris!

He will find me punctual and vigilant, and anxious to do what is right.

How it swells my pride, to have been able to outwit such a vigilant charmer!

The stork is a bird of prey; it is vigilant, greedy, and catches gudgeons.

Thus he was on duty all the time, ever vigilant and faithful, the most valuable of all the dogs.

"Her ladyship is approaching, sir," answered Leduc the vigilant.