Vigilantes [noun]

Definition of Vigilantes:

group that watches out

Synonyms of Vigilantes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vigilantes:


Sentence/Example of Vigilantes:

All those who had joined the vigilante movement were marked men.

There's nothing I'm so sick of hearing as this vigilante stuff.

"But I gave the vigilante his penny this morning," I said, hastening to the door.

"It's the vigilante," he said, returning to the veranda where we were sitting.

You don't mean to say she loves that Vigilante—that mining fellow?

Our Vigilante justice may be rough and ready, but it fits the time and place.

“I was just thinking of our big Vigilante organization,” he chuckled.

It proved to be Garrison, accompanied by the Vigilante chief.

A cry went up as the windows of Vigilante headquarters were opened.

Former Marshal Doane of Vigilante fame was chosen as chief of police.