Vigilantly [adverb]

Definition of Vigilantly:

actively; intently

Opposite/Antonyms of Vigilantly:

Sentence/Example of Vigilantly:

He became most vigilantly attentive to the two men on whom he waited.

She gathered ironwood and catclaw while he watched her vigilantly.

How vigilantly, how patiently, did we watch the Texas plot from its commencement!

The great bore will be to watch him so vigilantly as to prevent his marrying.

The waiter watched me vigilantly from the door, as I went out.

As to particulars, I've been vigilantly careful to keep away from Almo.

Yet I was not wholly lost to myself: I vigilantly marked his demeanour.

“Rough,” in the meantime, vigilantly keeping the sheep together.

And, vigilantly, the eyes of three Venusian guards followed the ray.

But his eye was vigilantly fixed on the distresses of the country.