Vignettes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vignettes:

In the same style are his vignettes, which are of acknowledged beauty.

Such were all the vignettes, from Girodet to the humblest, the last, the most forgotten.

The vignettes in the Book of the Dead demonstrate this belief unmistakably.

Some of the vignettes are among the most piquant and besetting ever written.

With forty-eight full-page plates and vignettes in the text from photographs.

In 1745, they appeared, with Fokke's vignettes, and with an English translation.

Text and vignettes display the tribunal where the souls of the dead are judged.

In two volumes, 8vo, with Portraits and Vignettes, price 32s.

Eleven portraits and twenty-nine frontispieces and vignettes.

Portrait after Closterman and vignettes engraved by Gribelin.