Vigorously [adverb]

Definition of Vigorously:


Synonyms of Vigorously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vigorously:


Sentence/Example of Vigorously:

The constituted authorities must be cheerfully and vigorously upheld.

And Monferrand, Duvillard and Fonsegue vigorously shook hands.

Throwing his arms around his sweetheart, Bismarck embraced her, vigorously.

He had been a vigorous horseshoer in the old days; now he preached just as vigorously.

I am just about going to get down from this ladder and start working on it vigorously.

All these methods are inadmissible, and should be vigorously denounced.

"Of course, all this talk of violence is nonsense," he vigorously went on.

She began giving her opinion of me so vigorously that I awoke and found it broad daylight.

The Church represented the same view just as vigorously as it now opposes it.

Alice interrupted by clutching the man's arm and shaking it vigorously.