Vilified [verb]

Definition of Vilified:

criticize very harshly

Synonyms of Vilified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vilified:

Sentence/Example of Vilified:

This much—I am a man and will not allow a woman whom I respect to be vilified in my presence.

They have been vilified and traduced—but what would Ireland be without them?

This kind of hostility they who are vilified can afford to despise.

And he read all the papers which abused and vilified the Jews.

Pez, it may be remarked, was not the only one whom Bruce vilified.

One day Estivet so vilified her that she had a relapse of fever.

Was he for this to be vilified and traduced by an old renegade?

She vilified what she thought was Carmen Ariza; but it was only her own thought of me that she insulted.

Was it possible that she would rather be vilified than ignored, even by James?

Do you want to have poor Rhoda misunderstood and vilified to the same way?