Vilifies [verb]

Definition of Vilifies:

criticize very harshly

Synonyms of Vilifies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vilifies:

Sentence/Example of Vilifies:

"Even that may be more pardonable than to vilify a good one," said Mary.

Oh, fling him into a crater; that will teach him to vilify his betters.

If you are his friend, why do you vilify and slander him behind his back?

If they were not impartial, this man would never have dared to vilify them.

The vulgar, wherever he passed, were instigated to reproach and vilify him.

To vilify another is foolish; to repeat it, is the function of a rogue.

An it be a constable, I'll vilify him, and be lodged in the Counter yet.

The priestly party in Madrid, in the meantime, spared no effort to vilify me.

The Levitical party in Madrid have, in the meantime, spared no effort to vilify me.

For Grover Cleveland there were no longer enemies to traduce and vilify.