Villager [noun]

Definition of Villager:

person native of country

Opposite/Antonyms of Villager:

Sentence/Example of Villager:

No Irish villager has the pluck to say, I will do this or that because it is the best thing to do.

He, a villager's son; and we, Swancourts, connections of the Luxellians.

Haughty with the bourgeois they are generally kind to the villager.

Did she seem to him a New England villager and nothing more?

A villager was passing—an old man—I remembered his face well.

The villager, on receiving this suggestion from his friend, did so.

Here anyone, be he villager or traveller, can get a free meal and free lodging.

Jeanne d'Arc was the daughter of a villager of Domrmy, on the borders of Champagne.

If city bred, he has been for the best part of his life a villager and countryman.

And yet to all seeming the sokeman is essentially a villager.