Villages [noun]

Definition of Villages:

small town

Synonyms of Villages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Villages:


Sentence/Example of Villages:

Even the village was too human, too modern, for his early-pagan mood.

It is the superintendent of the factory in our village—a man rich, or, at any rate, well-to-do.

That morning a rumor had reached the village of a famine in the island of Crete.

The house had been built only three years, and was the show-place of the village.

It occurred to him that he could sell them at a market store in the village.

Men boiled out of the village like hornets out of a shaken nest.

We rolled on, and entered the village of Manchester, bordering on the falls.

I left the village in the gathering gloom and was soon out on the heather.

We find no one to object to our intrusion, and go on towards the village.

The fate of Owthorne, a village once existing not far from Withernsea, is pathetic.