Villainous [adjective]

Definition of Villainous:


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Sentence/Example of Villainous:

You don't know, darling, the wickedness of that villainous baggage.

Wrens and sparrows are not too ignoble a quarry for this villainous gos-hawk!

The light was dim, the liquor was villainous, and the air was dense with tobacco smoke.

That's what it is to be shut up in these villainous ramparts.

The five men were here—Groff and four of his villainous companions.

And Marbolt, villainous hypocrite that he was, was covering his tracks.

At that he swore a most villainous oath, and called for writing materials.

They lost no time, these villainous Spaniards, in carrying out this sentence.

He was sure they were hatching a villainous plot of some kind.

I can scarcely believe Edward guilty of such a villainous act!