Villanelle [noun]

Definition of Villanelle:

highly expressive, rhythmical literary piece

Synonyms of Villanelle:

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Sentence/Example of Villanelle:

This he followed by English versions of the rondel, rondeau and villanelle.

The villanelle J'ai perdu ma tourterelle and the ode on May-day show Passerat's art in its happiest moments.

Lastly, the villanelle alternates one of two refrain lines at the end of each three-lined stanza.

Here, as in the villanelle, a change of signification in the repeated lines is thought to add to the charm of the form.

The Villanelle is written in five three-lined stanzas, concluding with one of four lines.

The Villanelle has been called "the most ravishing jewel worn by the Muse Erato."