Villous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Villous:

The stem is compressed and villous, often channelled, nearly erect.

The pileus is somewhat coriaceous, firm, pulvinate, villous.

The callus of the third glume is short, pointed and villous.

The pistillum is similarly dotted; the labellum internally striated, trifid, and villous at the apex.

The villous processes and fringes may take on an exaggerated growth, and give rise to pedunculated and other forms of loose body.

Before leaving the inner aspect of the pedal wing it supplies a deep branch to the heel and the villous tissue.

Villous: Beset with short, undivided, hair-like extensions (Fig. 150, d).

The first glume is rigidly coriaceous, gradually narrowed from a villous base to an erect scabrid awn, 1-nerved.

The leaf-sheath is somewhat tight, glabrous, membranous at the mouth which is villous.

Spikelets are 2- to 3-flowered, distichously racemed, narrowly turbinate, villous.