Vindicated [verb]

Definition of Vindicated:

prove one's innocence

Synonyms of Vindicated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vindicated:

Sentence/Example of Vindicated:

I vindicated the good Mrs. Norton with a warmth that was due to her merit.

Then she swept out, feeling she had vindicated the Grierson tradition.

"And my father's memory will be vindicated," said Paul, in a tone of deep satisfaction.

And yet the end will not show, father; his fame has not been vindicated, nor his character cleared.

God was glorified and the divinity of the Son of Man was vindicated in the result.

He was accused of it, and vindicated himself—'I voted for the talent, not for the man!'

But Christianity can only be vindicated by deeds, can only be truly shown forth in lives.

The insulted majesty of Rome could be vindicated at least by the dagger.

Mr. Jefferson persisted, and Mr. Gallatin's judgment was vindicated by the result.

It was as if she had been vindicated to herself—liberated from some dead body of doubt.