Vindictiveness [noun]

Definition of Vindictiveness:


Synonyms of Vindictiveness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vindictiveness:


Sentence/Example of Vindictiveness:

The next time it came about, friendship, and not vindictiveness, was the cause.

But they had not saved him from the vindictiveness of Gustavus.

She was no longer alone and abandoned to the vindictiveness of rude and violent men.

There was a vindictiveness in these crimes which no plea can extenuate.

He turned slowly back with baffled anger and vindictiveness.

His face was red and white—blotchy with rage and vindictiveness.

In his vindictiveness, he spoke with a candor unusual to him in his business dealings.

In an instant I had him by the hair and was biting with all the fury of vindictiveness.

He hated the Hindu noble with all the vindictiveness of his nature.

For these and other cases of vindictiveness, see Bingley, loc.