Vinegar [noun]

Definition of Vinegar:

salt solution

Synonyms of Vinegar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vinegar:


Sentence/Example of Vinegar:

Heat the vinegar, and to it add the salt, sugar, and spices.

Season with salt, pepper, and the juice of the lemon or the vinegar.

Measure the vinegar and oil and add them to the dry ingredients.

There he lay like a log, and all my efforts with vinegar and water had no visible effect.

When you take the chitterlings on your plate season them with pepper and vinegar.

The vinegar used for these purposes should be of the very best sort.

Vinegar and spice for pickles should be boiled but a few minutes.

Put them into stone jars, and prepare the spice and vinegar.

You may thus have vinegar constantly at hand for common purposes.

Vinegar and brown paper, vinegar and brown paper, from morning to night.