Violating [verb]

Definition of Violating:

break a law, agreement

Synonyms of Violating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Violating:

Sentence/Example of Violating:

If he fell, it was violating and not concurring with the principles of his nature.

It is the utmost that I will do, and already I am violating what I conceive to be my duty.

The man who procrastinates is violating the law of compensation.

Any Negro violating this law was to be treated as a runaway slave.

Any Mongol violating this law is condemned to death, while foreigners are deported.

Tenure of office law, passed; Pres. Johnson accused of violating, 311.

Of violating it he had practically no opportunity, and this rendered his position stronger.

Thus they are violating custom, or making it a pretext for doing injustice.

Already corruption was violating the "temples of the living God."

If violating a law annuls it, then any law can be pushed aside.