Violations [noun]

Definition of Violations:

breach; breaking of the law

Synonyms of Violations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Violations:

Sentence/Example of Violations:

Violations of sense and character, in this respect, are daily committed.

Violations of etiquette are most rare, yet no court in the world appears more simple and unconstrained in its forms.

Violations of property, especially of private property, cannot be made with impunity.

Violations of the unity of a paragraph most frequently result from including more than belongs there.

Violations of rules regarding warfare are war crimes only when committed without an order of the belligerent Government concerned.

Neutrals not to acquiesce in Violations of Neutrality committed by a Belligerent.

Violations of the Word and the church correspond to the prohibited degrees enumerated in Levit., ch.

Violations of these rules are punishable by fines of about $2.00, imprisonment for 24 hours or exclusion from the markets.

Violations of the criminal law and the various forms of sweating and fleecing one's fellow-men come under this category.

Violations were more precisely defined, and penalties were substantially increased to discourage illegal traffic.