Violently [adverb]

Definition of Violently:


Synonyms of Violently:

Opposite/Antonyms of Violently:

Sentence/Example of Violently:

The boy must be a young brute to turn upon you so violently.

She pushed the lamp-post away from her violently, and found herself walking.

She said this violently, but she let her clasped hands fall in discouragement.

I had conducted so much and so violently since; but I was not too old to remember Biddy's hood.

She stopped, and trembled so violently that she was unable to speak.

He took the out-stretched hand, grasped it violently, and went away.

At this she sprang forward, terrified, and pulled him violently by his jacket.

He came up to Weiss and grasped him violently by the lapel of his coat.

Then Jean seized him by the legs and pulled him violently to his place again.

His hand, deformed by the constant use of tools, trembled too violently.