Viperish [adjective]

Definition of Viperish:

poisonous; hateful

Synonyms of Viperish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Viperish:

Sentence/Example of Viperish:

He struck an attitude under the viperish glare of the lamp and smiled.

Only the nurse of her children mistrusts her fiery eyes and thunderous silence, her viperish loose hair and throbbing skin.

The thin, viperish blade, stuck upwards from under his temple, gleamed red before the sinking fire.

He smiled at her eagerness, so poorly subdued, recording in a mental footnote the viperish fury of a woman in her plight.

Into the eyes of the halfbreed came a viperish light that almost stilled Oliver's heartbeats.

Grace started up angrily from her seat, and fixed her viperish eyes on Mercy.

The news came in a letter penned by his Eminence himself—a bitter, viperish letter, with a covert threat in every line.

For arms you find incendiary speeches; for ammunition, viperish propaganda, and for epoch-making action you have nothing.

A fresh taunt trembled on his viperish tongue, when Gregory plucked at the skirts of his coat, and drew him aside.

She cast one viperish look at me as I entered the hall, but said nothing, and went slowly upstairs without returning my bow.