Vipers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Vipers:

For the wife of this viper she still was, and who could tell how soon she might not be in his power again?

Procinus, however, was spared to die of the bite of a viper.

I'll bet you that she's the mistress of that viper Fauchery!

He reminded me of a viper which I once killed in Beechcot Woods.

But now it was a viper—not a divine hope—it had nourished in its bosom.

She is a viper, this woman, but has the courage of the rattle-snake in action.

There are cobras and keraits, but the most dreaded is the Russell's viper.

In this district no Burman hesitates a moment in killing a viper when he has the chance.

It seemed to me, Humphrey, that when he spoke of the viper, he meant thee.

He was introduced as a smug little Pharisee, and they treated him as a viper.