Virago [noun]

Definition of Virago:

aggressive woman

Synonyms of Virago:

Opposite/Antonyms of Virago:


Sentence/Example of Virago:

He would have crimsoned to the eyes, no doubt, and fled from the virago.

I got a dispatch from, him quoting the Virago of Paris—meaning the Figaro, of course.

Ah, you coolly come, with that virago on your arm, to make a fool of me before everyone.

When he returned he found the virago awaiting him at the door.

On which the virago says to her victim, "My dear, I thocht it was yersel'!"

I stood upon the defensive between the virago and my sister's chair.

The virago smiled and twiddled the knife between her fingers.

"Now you will be able to have a talk with him if you like," said the virago.

"You're a virago," said Chris, seating himself near his wife.

Yet the old man always spoke of Edith as a virago after that.