Virginity [noun]

Definition of Virginity:

celibacy, chastity

Synonyms of Virginity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Virginity:

Sentence/Example of Virginity:

She was virginity personified with all its redoubtable mystery.

"The earth is filled with marriage and the heavens with virginity," says Jeremiah.

There was a virginity about her that extended beyond her body.

Not the virginity that spells a piquant preface to sensualism.

She had learned the trick of exciting men with her virginity.

Some writers say it was due to Aphrodite, who was angered at their virginity.

The appearance of blood was formerly regarded as a test of virginity.

Here comes in the notion of virginity and pre-nuptial chastity.

In a tract on "Virginity" he glorified that state according to the taste of the period.

Virginity was praised as Christlike and taught in opposition to society and the family.