Virile [adjective]

Definition of Virile:

potent, powerful

Synonyms of Virile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Virile:

Sentence/Example of Virile:

Virile nations are not made by theories or by the blast of the trumpet.

It towered up there beautiful, strong, virile, and fruitful.

Serge felt more powerful and virile on seeing her so humble.

He must be master of a lucid, virile, attractive literary style.

He has the smiling eyes and virile air of his English father.

These were the gentle stimulants to his most virile expression.

And so speaking, with one single, virile movement he tore away the bandages.

He turned his gaze on McMahon, and saw there the like virile detestation of himself.

Such live, virile humans as they must have a live, virile pipe-smoke.'

His virile will was dormant, crushed, but it was by no means dead.