Virility [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Virility:

The virility of a country is worth more than the splendor of its monuments.

A man who has been through hell does not boast of his virility.

That all this virility and nubility and glamor is pure coincidence?

And on his own merits the virility and good looks of him drew her admiration.

The standard of virility is unquestionably an individual problem.

He wins her by his virility, but cannot retain her by his perception.

"The potted plant astonished at the virility of the weed," said Lyman.

Their virility and character have been due to the newness of the field in which they worked.

His very person seemed to exhale, not sanctity, but virility.

Are the women, or are they not, taking all the virility out of literature?