Virtual [adjective]

Definition of Virtual:

in essence

Synonyms of Virtual:

Opposite/Antonyms of Virtual:

Sentence/Example of Virtual:

He requires, too, the virtual abdication of our ruling house.

Not since she had become the virtual creatrix of beauty, even the giver of life!

All the American press is not founded upon this system of virtual blackmail.

Some say the South, if defeated, will be held in virtual slavery by the North.

This retreat was a virtual resignation of their towering hopes.

A new act was passed, which was a virtual surrender of every point in dispute.

Soon we will swim in the pools and ski on the slopes of virtual reality.

We shall refer to virtual images at greater length presently.

Of course, it was a virtual relief, as explained in that way.

In many cases the virtual answer will be, "Oh, I don't recollect that."