Virtuosity [noun]

Definition of Virtuosity:

skill, creativity

Synonyms of Virtuosity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Virtuosity:

Sentence/Example of Virtuosity:

Virtuosity is a state of expression but it is not the final state.

Virtuosity emanating from a spirit of beneficence is somewhat rare.

This has a virtuosity of its own, for all its hit-or-miss appearance.

However, Sudermann's virtuosity has plenty of opportunity for display.

It is a tumult of virtuosity in painting, in sculpture, in architecture.

Truly the standard of virtuosity is higher than it was a quarter of a century ago.

And he did; though it was only through the virtuosity of his chief actor.

You cannot well have virtuosity of form where there is no form.

What he did was to rely upon his virtuosity of dialogue to enable him to dispense with form.

The virtuosity of some of the Viennese of the period was marvellous.