Virtuoso [noun]

Definition of Virtuoso:

person who is an expert

Synonyms of Virtuoso:

Opposite/Antonyms of Virtuoso:

Sentence/Example of Virtuoso:

"Look into your own consciousness and memory," replied the virtuoso.

"I did not think that you were still so young," said the virtuoso.

A picturesque, old German virtuoso is the reverent possessor of a genuine "Cremona."

I prefer that no one handle it, said the virtuoso commandingly.

It takes on the color of any composer's ideas, and submits like a slave to the whims of any virtuoso.

It was music pure, almost classical—the work not of a virtuoso, but of a composer.

He was distinctly a virtuoso, loving his instrument and its tonal powers.

He was a virtuoso violinist greater than any one before him.

"We were fortunate in being able to secure Savelli, the virtuoso," she replied.

He is at once a moralist and a virtuoso in the literary art.