Virtuously [adverb]

Definition of Virtuously:


Opposite/Antonyms of Virtuously:

Sentence/Example of Virtuously:

She doesn't like me at all, though I've been virtuously nice to her.

"I won't say I am sorry, because that would be a lie," said Sarah virtuously.

"I like to do what's best for folks in the end," declared Mrs. Forbes virtuously.

"I have never harboured such an unworthy thought," he said virtuously.

"And Hoodie didn't usplain a bit, not one bit," said Duke virtuously.

"I shouldn't get it if 'e did," said Mr. Russell, virtuously.

"We've stopped toadyism in the House," said Stover virtuously.

"I didn't say it and I'd die before I did," said I virtuously.

"Peter's mother was, and hence I am," Alix said, virtuously.

I wont say anything about it to any one, said Myron virtuously.