Virus [noun]

Definition of Virus:

bacterium, bug

Synonyms of Virus:

Opposite/Antonyms of Virus:

Sentence/Example of Virus:

Such an idea is as fatal to society as we know it as a virus plague.

The scientists of Sator knew that the virus was virulent; in fact, too virulent for its own good.

They knew that shortly after every Nansalian died, the virus, too, would be dead.

It killed the host every time, and the virus could not live outside a living cell.

But what am I saying, A W, to you who are so free from the virus of culture?

After about two years the Virus had permeated his System, and he was a regular Brahmsite.

As is still true in this infection, the virus proved to be ineradicable.

Virus or bacterium, amoeba or fungus—whatever it was, it struck.

It has also been shown that the virus of the disease may be conveyed in butter.

If I would give him the virus, and my notes, he'd start the ball rolling.