Visage [noun]

Definition of Visage:


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Sentence/Example of Visage:

But the duskier it grew, the more did Pluto's visage assume an air of satisfaction.

He sees, like Desdemona, her "visage in her mind," or her affections.

The visage of Imogen, ever present to his soul, suggested these salutary reflections.

His visage was meagre, his hair lank and thin, and his voice hollow.

But the city of that night wore a visage new and strange to her, and terrifying.

Respondent's visage questionable, however,—too dirty, and too happy.

His visage was covered with sweat; his pupils were full of red lights.

In its passage to freedom his mother's soul had stamped her visage with its state.

When he looked upon him he had the visage of Peboan, the icy old Winter-Spirit.

He was not going to walk home in broad daylight with such a visage as he carried.